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The H-Brush line is an innovetive system, which provides a high level of regeneration. It treats and provides perfect nourishment for the cortex, which has lost its mass through previous chemical processes. It is prepared with: keratin, which strengthens and restores the natural elasticity of the hair; green tea, a powerful antioxidant that repairs damage on a day-to-day basis and Pracaxi oil and N-Acetyl Cysteinem providing intense hydratation for the strands, stronger hair, better alignment and shine, eliminating frizz and preventing fading through the natural pigments present în its formula.

H-Brush Special Care has been carefully developed to prolong the cosmetic treatment of the hair bres, 
providing numerous bene ts. It provides intensive hydration, nutrition and revitalization due to the 
bio-ingredients. The formula contains Oil Tree Oil, Cherry Extract, which will care for and preserve the 
strength of the hair, leaving it with intense brightness, softness and natural balance.

Pracaxi Oil      Cherry Extract      Shea Butter

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